Virginia Key Mountain Bike Trail

Virginia Key North Point Park

Mountain Biking in Miami!? VIRGINIA KEY NORTH POINT TRAILS (Mini Doc)


Every day, 7 a.m. — sunset


Parking is $6 Weekdays, $8 Weekends & Holidays


Arthur Lamb Jr Rd 
Miami, FL 33149



Total Trail Size:

8.0 miles

alafia mountain bike trails have 4 beginner level trails

6 Trails

alafia mountain bike trails have 7 intermediate level trails

5 Trails

alafia mountain bike trails have 13 advanced level trails

4 Trails

alafia mountain bike trails have 4 expert level trails

0 Trails

Virginia key Mountain Bike Trail

Ever wanted to mountain bike on an island? The Virginia Key Mountain Bike Park is the perfect place to do it. With challenging stunts and obstacles dotting the sandy paths, these trails will give you a rush of excitement as well as beautiful South Florida coastal views. Miami isn’t the first place you think of when trying to find mountain bike trails but you will be surprised by what this park has to offer! 

 Virginia Key point North has plenty of trails for each skill level to enjoy. The trails include names like “Bad to the Bone” and “Highway to Hell” from classic rock songs. There are green trails for any rider to enjoy, blue trails are intermediate courses, and black diamond trails are for more experienced riders. These trails are super fun and experienced riders will be challenged. There are plenty of wood features, skinny’s, and little rock gardens to play around on. 

 Also a great trail system for someone who wants to take a casual ride on some green trails and the main trail that encircles all the trail entrances.

 Bernard Riviere (Frenchy) began constructing the Virginia Key Bicycle Trails over a decade ago. Volunteers from the Virginia Key Bicycle Club build and maintain the routes entirely. Since 2012, they have logged almost 32,000 volunteer hours. That’s impressive by any measure of trail building. What began as a small group of passionate riders and Frenchy has grown into a club with over 450 devoted members.

The history of The Virginia Key North Point also adds intrigue to the island. The beaches on the island were once a location for a little-known civil rights protest when segregation was at an all-time high in the United States. After a brave protest by several African American citizens daring to swim in the waters when not allowed, the Virginia Key North Point beach eventually became a designated site where African Americans could swim freely and enjoy the beaches without worrying about oppression and segregation. 

The Virginia Key Mountain Bike Park is an excellent trail system for mountain bikers and history lovers. And don’t forget your swimsuit because beautiful South Florida beaches will surround you

Here are some links to trails in the Miami Area: Amelia Earheart Park, Oleta State River Park, Markham Park

trail amenities


Bike Rentals


Drinking Water



East Bound And Down — 0.23 mi

Freebird — 0.50 mi

Learning To Fly — 0.14 mi

Mary Jane — 0.28 mi

Smoke on Water — 0.19 mi

Start Me Up — 0.63 mi


Bad To The Bone — 0.42 mi

Enter Sandman — 0.11 mi

Start Me Up (intermediate) — 0.23 mi

Tom Sawyer — 0.33 mi

Wild Thing — 0.44 mi


Highway To Hell — 0.70 mi

Stairway To Heaven — 0.83 mi

War Pigs — 0.36 mi

Yellow Brick Road — 0.17 mi


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One of a kind!!!

March 11, 2024

This place is fantastic, we should have more places like this. Plenty of fun. Definitely worth it!!! Highly recommended.

Riccardo Cast
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