Mountain Biking Tips For Trail Riding

Basic mountain biking tips to keep you on your bike while trail riding. Mountain biking takes practice, but you’ll be riding expert trails before you know it.

Pick the Right Line

Keep your eyes on the trail at all times. You should be looking ahead of your front tire and choosing the best lines to take while scanning for obstacles. 

Trust Your Tires

You’ll encounter a lot of obstacles while trail riding. Trust that your MTB tire will roll over just about everything. Don’t try to roll over the alligators!

Level Your Pedals

Mountain Biking Tip: Level Your Pedals

Keep your feet at 9 and 3’o-clock when coasting on the trail and downhills. This will help prevent your pedals from getting caught on rocks, roots and other obstacles.

Obstacle Crossing

Cross obstacles at a perpendicular angle when possible. If you hit an obstacle at a parallel, it can cause you to crash.

Ride Prepared

Ride with your pointer finger hovering over your brakes. This ensures you’re always prepared to press the brakes and helps you keep a firmer grip on your handlebars.

Don’t Freak Out

Don’t lock up your brakes on a downhill. This a surefire way for you to crash. Apply enough pressure to slow your mountain bike  down a bit if you need to. Get familiar with your braking system.

Get a Grip

Gloves may seem to be a minor upgrade but they majorly help you keep your grip while riding. They also help keep sweat off of your handles — further reducing the chance for them to slip.

Proper Fit

Make sure you are fitted correctly for your mountain bike. You should have a slight bend in your knee (30°) when the pedal is all the way down and you are seated on the saddle.

Know Your Limit

Listen to your body, and know when to stop. A lot of mistakes happen when you are tired. And in the worst case scenario, mistakes may lead to accidents.

Know Your Level

Know your skill level, but don’t be afraid to take some challenges along the way. With patience and practice, you’ll be an expert trail rider in no time!

Confidence is Key

Be confident when you ride! Confidence goes a long way in mountain biking and the rewards are awesome.

Stay Hydrated

This may seem obvious, but it’s easily overlooked when you’re having fun. Make sure to stay constantly hydrated on the trail.

And finally…

the best mountain biking tip is to always wear a helmet

Use Your Head, Wear a Helmet

This is one of the most important mountain biking tips,  Just like any other sport, it goes without saying that there’s always some risk while riding. We can reduce that risk by riding smart and wearing a helmet, but mistakes or unforeseen situations can sometimes happen. And when they do, the last thing you want is for your head to be unprotected.

Remember, if your helmet gets damaged — immediately replace it, or at least have it inspected by a professional before your next ride.

Have any tips of your own?

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