Croom Mountain Bike Trails 



8:00 a.m. — Sundown


No fees


2416 County Rd 480 W
Brooksville, FL 34601


Total Trail Size:

55.0 miles

alafia mountain bike trails have 4 beginner level trails

14 Trails

alafia mountain bike trails have 7 intermediate level trails

11 Trails

alafia mountain bike trails have 13 advanced level trails

0 Trails

alafia mountain bike trails have 4 expert level trails

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Croom Mountain bike trails is located in Withlacoochee State Forest and is more than just a great ride. They are a serious workout. This trail system has 50 miles of single track.

The Croom mountain bike trails are some of the longest and steepest in Florida. The longer distances and steeper inclines can make for exhilarating rides. The abandoned quarries offer more than just distance and elevation gain with their brief but treacherous ascents and descents. As a result, the area has a naturally rough terrain making it perfect for intermediate riders wanting to increase their skills.

Technical challenges offered here are great because it allows intermediate riders to take them on without biting off more than they can chew. Of course, if you’re not at the intermediate level — don’t fret! Several trails are scattered about the system for beginners and experts that will also suit your needs. 

One of the funnest sections at Croom is Drunken Monkey – two miles of jumps, drops and climbs. This singletrack trail winds through one of the large, old phosphate pits that are common place in Florida –  short ups and downs, sharp twists, and little peaks make up its terrain. The track ascends one side of the ravine before descending steeply and ascending the opposite side, rolling into a dirt wall ride.

Take the bypass route around this location if you are not a competent intermediate rider.

Trails close to Croom mountain bike trails are: Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Greenway, Santos with Vortex, Flatwoods Wilderness Park,   

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Croom Mountain Bike Trails


North Yellow — 8.00 mi

South Yellow — 2.00 mi

Yellow Loop Shortcut — 0.6 mi

Yellow Enduro — 0.9 mi

Yellow to Blue Connector — 0.3 mi

Southeast Blue — 8.0 mi

Southwest Blue — 4.0 mi

Southeast Blue to Southwest Blue Connector — 0.1 mi

South Blue — 2.0 mi

Northeast Blue — 5.3 mi

Northwest Blue — 0.9 mi

Sugar Mountain Loop — 2.0 mi

Hangman’s Ridge — 0.6 mi

Goose the Monkey — 0.8 mi

Monkey Bypass — 0.3 mi

Cole-Lition — 0.15 mi

South Red — 6.0 mi

South Red to South Blue Connector — 0.3 miles

Lefty Loser Bypass — 0.1 mi 


Lefty Loser — 0.1 mi

Moonshine — 0.3 mi

The Hooch — 0.5 mi

Heartbreak Hil — 0.3 mi

Prohibition — 0.2 mi

Bootlegger Hill — 0.1 mi

White Lightning — 0.1 mi

Tired Hole — 0.1 mi

Cherry Bomb — 0.1 mi

Drunken Monkey — 1.00 mi

Southern Comfort — 0.7 mi



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Don't Get Lost

Rated 4.0 out of 5
July 12, 2023

The Croom Mountain Biking Trails are extensive. Be careful to bring a map or other means of determining your exact location. Trails at Florida’s third-largest state parks are mostly level. It can be difficult to understand at first, but eventually you will. Drunken Monkey is my favorite trail. There is a great deal of elevation, making for some thrilling ascents and descents. You can easily get off and walk your bike over any obstacles, so everyone can ride here. The drunken monkey trail also features a fun set of jumps.

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Rated 4.0 out of 5
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