Markham Park Mountain Bike Trail

Markham Park



8:00 a.m. — 7:30 p.m.


$5 per person


16001 W. State Rd. 84

Sunrise, FL 33326




Total Trail Size:

13.0 miles

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13 Trails

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12 Trails

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15 Trails

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Markham Park Mountain Bike Trail Sunrise Florida

There’s plenty of trails at Markham Park to get stoked on. 

Markham Park Trails were built through the limestone aggregate left by the dredging machines in a former rock quarry.  This trail system has something for every skill level through the 13 miles of trail system. Introductory routes provide gentle curves in shady, natural surroundings.

In addition to these typical riding paths, a number of broader and more gradual adaptation tracks built for off-road hand-cranked cycles have been added.

This whole loop traverses almost every trail in the park. The terrain includes singletrack, rock gardens, fast-flowing berms, and steep technical ascents and descents. If you want catch some air check out  the  pump track and freeride/dirt jump area.
Cross the pump track from the parking lot to the Warm Up Loop. As the name implies, this intermediate path prepares riders for the more difficult trails ahead. There’s also an Advanced Option that forks off near the start and crosses over the trail. You’ll soon emerge from the trees and return to the pump track.

Deep Dark Forest is a root-filled singletrack. Turn left on Rock Garden right before it ends for some tough rock work and a couple drops. You can bypass by continuing on Deep Dark Forest. Armadillo begins across from Rock Garden’s tough exit with modest climbs and rapid berms.

After crossing the meadow, turn left to follow the advanced Iguana Ridge, which includes an optional descent. The Fishing Hole Loop, perfect for lakeside cycling, located just below the ridge. Iguana Ridge Return leads to the RedBack Trail.

Starting with a narrow, the RedBack Trail has rapid, twisty climbs and sharp descents. The Traverse Trail leads to Supercross Connector West. Afterwards, turn right onto Area 51 for big dips and berms before crossing the optional Pipeline wooden bridge.

Area 51 connects Supercross to the bridge. Take the Las Olas diversion to rejoin Supercross near Outback. Turn left onto Upback midway through Outback for more challenges that will lead you to the Whale Trail, or stay on Outback and turn right on the access road to the narrow clearing to avoid them.

 The Gunrange Trail is a  twisty route that reaches the park’s northern edge and contains some significant g-outs and rowdy action. It finally exits near to where it began, and riders can pedal back across the clearing to pick up the beginning of Boomerang.

Boomerang will take up very little of your time because the following right goes to the Outback Return and then the optional Outback Return Extended. The extension connects to Turtle Slide after feeding back onto Outback Return. Then, rake the right split for Double Cross, followed by the next split for Crime Scene for some steep, tricky climbs and descents.

Twisted Trail comes to an end at the bottom of Semper Fi, and at the next crossing, turn right towards Lost Ring. Continue down Déjà Vu, then turn left onto Bermuda Triangle to weave through the trees to Ruben Loop, then back down Déjà Vu.

After that is the difficult Yo Mama, which leads to Alligator Alley and Blacksnake for ramps and drops (look for the Alligator Bypass on the right for an easier option). The raucous trail and features descend to the Alligator Exit. Take a right just before the road into the Route 66 Connector.

Route 66 Part 2 begins with a left before the route returns to Jet Ski Hill. This section is fairly straightforward, but the corridor can be tight and there are some roots.

Route 66 Part 2 has rollovers, punchy g-outs, and skinnies/ramps. After emerging from the trees, turn right and then left to return to the park entrance via the main access road.

Here are some links to trails around Markham in the Miami Area: Amelia Earheart Park, Oleta State River Park, Virginia Key North Point 


trail amenities


Drinking Water

Pump Track


Adaptive Trails

Bike Rentals



Boomerang — 0.08 mi 

Dark Side — 0.12 mi

Deja Vu — 0.06 mi

Fire Tire — 0.13 mi

Fishing Hole — 0.21 mi

Route 66 Part 1 — 0.53 mi

Ruben Loop — 0.09 mi

Semper Fi — 0.18 mi

Traverse Trail — 0.18 mi

Turtle Slide — 0.18 mi

Warm Up Loop — 0.43 mi

Water Dog — 0.17 mi


 denotes an adaptive trail


Armadillo — 0.41 mi

Bermuda Triangle — 0.50 mi

Crime Scene — 0.09 mi

Deep Dark Forest — 0.19 mi

Iguana — 0.07 mi

Iguana Ridge — 0.07 mi

Las Olas — 0.10 mi

Mohr Trail — 0.41 mi

Outback — 0.38 mi

Redback — 0.14 mi

Supercross — 0.25 mi


Alligator Alley — 0.60 mi

Grassy Knoll — 0.01 mi

Iguana Ridge (Alt) — 0.05 mi

Jet Ski Hill — 0.15 mi

Lost Ring — 0.06 mi

Outback Extension — 0.13 mi

Pipeline — 0.08 mi

Rock Garden — 0.26 mi

Route 66 Part 2 — 0.56 mi

Supercross Advanced — 0.06 mi

Twisted Trail — 0.19 mi

Upback — 0.09 mi

Warm Up Loop Expert — 0.21 mi

Whale Trail — 0.15 mi

Yo Momma — 0.20 mi


Area 51 — 0.22 mi

Gun Range — 1.00 mi

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