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Sunrise to Sundown


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15102 County Road 672
Wimauma, FL 33598


(813) 672-7876

Total Trail Size:

20 miles

11 Trails

14 Trails

10 Trails

The Balm Boyette Nature Preserve mountain bike trails are nestled in a 5,000-acre nature preserve in Wimauma, Florida.

If you’re looking for a mountain bike trail system that’s as beautiful as it is exciting to ride, you’ve found the right place. With its protected scrub sanctuary, 

Balm Boyette Mountain Bike Trails offers something for every skill level, with about 25 miles of single track and 15 miles of double track. The park was carved out of a reclaimed phosphate mine creating some exciting features and thrilling runs. There are epic technical trails to get your blood pumping, as well as flat, scenic trails to give you peace of mind. To top it all off, Balm Boyette is located near to the Alafia River State Park, making this a trail system you will regret overlooking if you’re already in the area. 

One trail will always come up in conversation if you are talking about Balm Boyette, and that’s Ridgeline. It’s one of the best single-tracks in Florida with plenty of elevation changes and challenging runs. This trail is an up-and-down roller coaster that requires all of your courage to ride as fast as you can to ensure you make it up the other side. It is mostly smooth, making it fast and flowy, but the extreme ups and downs earn it a difficult rating. This trail is almost entirely shaded, and there are no bailouts.

Balm Boyette Nature Preserve hosts a wide range of wildlife that you can share the trail with. From gopher tortoises and scrub jays to white-tailed deer, expect at least one new friend to say hello on your ride.

The trail is maintained by Swamp Club.

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Pump Track


alafia mountain bike trails are maintained by the Alafia Trail Crew

Swamp Club

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East Meadow — 0.86 mi

Inception — 0.7 mi

Northeast — 2.0 mi

Northwest — 1.0 mi

Pandemonium 1 — 0.32 mi

Randy’s Trail — 0.22 mi

Sasquatch — 0.95 mi

Southeast — 1.0 mi

Southwest — 0.63 mi

Vista Ridge — 0.15 mi

Woods Trail — 1.0 mi 


Canyon — 0.37 mi

Chaos — 0.07 mi

Gator Pit — 0.27 mi

Golf Cart — 1.0 mi

Lower West Meadow — .20 mi

Nemesis — 0.27 mi

Pandemonium 2 — 0.19 mi

Serpentine — 0.24 mi

Sidewinder — 0.85 mi

Spiderberm — 1.0 mi

Swamp Thing — 0.50 mi

The Spur — 0.17 mi

Upper Loch Ness — 0.27 mi

Upper West Meadow — 0.24 mi


Ridgeline — 2.0 mi

Lauren’s Overlook — 0.03 mi

Pandemonium 3 — 0.16 mi

OMG — 0.07 mi

Max G — 0.05 mi

Plunge — 0.06 mi

Garry’s Loop — 0.23 mi

South Abyss — 0.57 mi

North Abyss — 0.74 mi

Baby Nessie — 0.7 mi


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Balm Boyette Mountain Biking Reviews

Trails for everyone!

May 7, 2023

This trail system has something for everyone. There is a flat 1 point something mile long entrance to get to your green, woodsy beginner trails. As you go further into the park, the options open up. The trail builders played ‘connect the dots’ with the high and low points of the retired phosphate mines here. This is where I come to get some serious miles in, challenge myself on Roller Coaster or bring my girlfriend for a calm ride with progressive challenges. You really can’t go wrong riding Balm Boyette. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll see some sort of Florida wildlife as well.


One Word: Ridgeline

April 24, 2023

Balm Boyette Mountain Biking is some of the best trail riding in Florida. All the trails are well-maintained and super flowy. Ridgeline stands out as one of the best trail sections in the area. There’s plenty of elevation, switchback, and wood features. You can blaze through the trail and feel like a Roller Coaster.

Although it is quick and flowing and largely smooth, the tremendous ups and downs are what give it the tough grade.

Frank Rodriguez
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