Alafia River State Park Mountain Biking



8:00 a.m. — Sundown


$5 per vehicle


14326 S CR 39 
Lithia, FL 33547





Total Trail Size:

21.0 miles

alafia mountain bike trails have 4 beginner level trails

4 Trails

alafia mountain bike trails have 7 intermediate level trails

7 Trails

alafia mountain bike trails have 13 advanced level trails

13 Trails

alafia mountain bike trails have 4 expert level trails

4 Trails

Alafia River State Park Mountain Bike Trails

The Alafia River State Park used to be an old phosphate mining site. Abandoned after many years, nature took over to reclaim the land that had been carved up and mined in the past.

With almost 21 miles of single-track trails, this is one of Florida’s most popular off-road bike options. Its collection of rolling terrain, frightening drops, off-camber hillside ledges, high-speed banked corners, and intimidating ridge-top trails draws riders from every part of the state and country. The “Easy Loop” is an eight-mile one-way journey formed by connecting the three easiest (green) routes. Take the “Simple Loop” signs to River Loop, Rock Garden, and Sand Pine. These paths feature few elevation changes and are easily accessible from the trailhead parking lot. The three paths are intended for youngsters riding tiny bikes and can be ridden on city bikes. Bridges, North Creek, and Roller Coaster are the Intermediate Blue Trails. These are great trails with a number of medium-sized hills, ranging from short and steep to more gradual, for fast downhills. The blue trails have some challenging optional portions (for experienced riders), and the unexpected dips, climbs, twists, and turns are just plain fun to ride. The Black and Double Black Diamond Trails are the most challenging, even for experienced riders.  Alafia trails are both entertaining and demanding for riders of all skill levels.

For those riders operating hand crank or recumbent mountain bikes, the Alafia State Park offers several adaptive trails! The trails are built and maintained by the Alafia River State Park Trail Crew, which operates under Friends of Alafia.

Whether you’re just visiting Florida, or you’ve lived here for years and wish to experience an IMBA-certified EPIC mountain bike trail system, the Alafia River State Park Mountain Bike Trails are a must-visit location!

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Alafia MTB Trail amenities


Bike Wash

Bike Rentals



Drinking Water

Shower Station

Shaded Pavilions

Adaptive Trails


ALafia River State Park MTB TRAILS


Rock Garden — 1.23 mi 

Hidden Rivers — 1.5 mi

Sand Pine — 1.71 mi

Turtle Two Track — 1.37 mi

 indicates an adaptive trail


Roller Coaster — 2.33 mi

North Creek — 1.83 mi

Lost Meadow — 0.62 mi

Buzzard Bay — 0.33 mi

Garden Ridge — 0.23 mi

OAF — 0.19 mi

One Way Ticket — 0.11 mi


StarDust — 0.40 mi

Rabbit Ears (single) — 0.18 mi

Rabbit Ears (double) — 0.28 mi

Thunder Ridge — 0.14 mi

Razorback — 0.14 mi

Derailed — 0.26 mi

Magic Island — 0.36 mi

Meadows Edge — 0.15 mi

Twisted Sister — 0.30 mi

Spitfire — 0.40 mi

Scorpion — 0.23 mi

Bridges — 0.54 mi

Serpent — 0.12 mi


Gravitron — 0.30 mi

Gatorback — 0.70 mi

Moonscape — 0.80 mi

Frankenstairs — 0.24 mi


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Alafia River State Park Mountain Biking Reviews

Best Ever

July 6, 2023

I have ridden singletrack in FL, GA, WI, NH, NC, HI, and TX. Alafia is hands down my favorite. It has something for everyone, unless you prefer interminably long climbs and descents. But who wants that? You want fast ups and downs along with horizontal challenges peppered in. The fast trails are hard packed, carved out of limestone and clayey soils. Hang on tight!


FL Mountain Biking at its finest!

May 6, 2023

This is where I grew up coming as a rider. Started on the greens and as I progressed, so did the trails. The crew does an amazing job working with the State Park in adding new features and keeping the trails safe. The camping there is awesome and the Swamp Festival is a blast! If you are a Florida native or traveling from abroad, Alafia is an absolute blast to ride and there’s no doubt you’ll make friends during your ride.


The best trail system in Florida!

April 21, 2023

Alafia has everything, technical single track, elevation changes, and fantastic wood features like the berm on North Creek. Alafia will not disappoint the most advanced riders to beginners. All the trails encircle the parking lot, so it’s easy to navigate. The trails are well-maintained, and there’s something new every other month.

Frank Rodriguez

What more could you want?

April 20, 2023

Alafia is by far my favorite trail system in Florida. Tons of great trails that are constantly being improved by the awesome trail crew behind them, making MTB magic happen. There’s more than enough variety for anyone to be satisfied — this place really does boast a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone. I’m a pretty casual rider, so I like to stick to the blue and green trails. Lost Meadow is my favorite! Can’t get enough of that speedy downhill at the end of it.

John H.
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